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This is a sampling of the actual applications of FLIPP Explainers your author is aware of.

Banking How to pay bills, manage account balances, etc., with Jeanie.
Business Career development alternatives.
Business Determine vacation eligibility any full/part-time employee.
Business How to dispose of unused equipment.
Business How to use electronic typewriter-printer.
Business How to use express car rental.
Business How to use two new types of copier.
Business Picture uses of corporate funds.
Business Receptionist handling of situations with visitors.
Business When to obtain retail credit reports.
Consulting Clarify client objectives by joint development of Explainer.
Cost How costs of new phone system will be distributed.
Cost How to manage budget and expenses.
Cost Picture of relationships of cost factors, and enable tracking.
Cost Use training cost Explainer as the monthly cost tracking format.
Games How to win at Nim.
Grammar How to make singular nouns plural.
Insurance What cars are protected by the policy.
Insurance Who is protected by the policy.
Law How to apply statute of descent & distribution/ intestate (Ohio).
Logic 15 useful, valid forms of syllogistic arguments.
Logic Reformat triple-nested spreadsheet macros into obvious sequence.
Logic Use empty or labels-only Explainers to show logical patterns.
Mail How to mail and ship anything for cost/ time needs.
Mail How to use corporate mail handling system.
Manufacturing Chemical process procedures (6 Explainers)
Manufacturing Monitoring and controlling product weight.
Manufacturing Plant process instructions (11 Explainers).
Manufacturing Storeroom users' guide.
Manufacturing Create FLIPP charts for operating areas for new plant startup (26 Explainers)
Marketing planning.
Medical Determine eligibility for medical plan, do signup on the spot.
Music How to connect Yamaha synthesizer system components/alternate configurations.
Music How to use the capabilities of a music synthesizer.
Personal Picture 30-year financial projections/ relationships.
Phone How to place LD calls on appropriate system of all systems available.
Phone How to set up conference calls on new phone system.
Phone How to use operator consoles (2 Explainers).
Phone How to supervise operation of consoles.
Phone How to use leased line intercepts.
Phone How to use new corporate phone system.
Photography How to manage many variables in taking critical photos.
Photography Picture alternate darkroom formulas/ processes.
Purchasing Picture present and proposed buying allocation processes.
Sales Compare Explainer vs. decision table to approve/ reject orders.
Sales Sales system application guide.
Systems Action on uncorrectable order errors.
Systems Brand support planning.
Systems Catalog of management routines.
Systems Catalog of systems.
Systems Codes for added pay.
Systems Common steps in programming.
Systems Computer graphics.
Systems Data acquisition: How to run the system.
Systems Error handling (health care)
Systems How to organize cataloged data sets.
Systems Health care references.
Systems Health information system error handling.
Systems How programmers' reference manual is organized.
Systems How to assemble bulk raw materials.
Systems How to get authorization for information systems projects.
Systems How to get best help from the help desk.
Systems How to handle incoming data transmissions.
Systems How to install multi-plant system.
Systems How to obtain report using a terminal.
Systems How to select logic functions.
Systems How to use functions available in new phone system.
Systems Install transparent system for raw material analysis.
Systems International export invoicing.
Systems Making product using alternate process.
Systems Match/ modify data using supplemental tables.
Systems New plant operation (20 Explainers + 15 more added.)
Systems Organization of disk areas.
Systems Picture and use complex relationships in operating system.
Systems Plant technology (8 Explainers).
Systems Product lot control.
Systems Partitioning data sets.
Systems Problem solving.
Systems Request parameters.
Systems Shipment data modification.
Systems Shipment forecasting program.
Systems Simplify Apple user instructions.
Systems Special logon and getting help (3 Explainers).
Systems Switching procedures.
Systems Telereader operating instructions.
Systems Updating of master files.
Systems User instructions for listing contracts.
Systems User interactive logon (several Explainers).
Tax Federal personal income tax; deductions for contributions.
Training Basic system building blocks (6 Explainers).
Training Display all variations for using directory command.
Training How to determine IRA retirement distribution handling.
Training How to recommend and catalog technical skills training materials.
Training How to use telephone dictation system.
Training Picture individual knowledge paths in a domain (9 Explainers).

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