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Explanation by Pattern Means Massive Simplification


The Main Claim What makes the method distinctive.


Massive simplification achieved.


Logic becomes patterned without words or symbols.
Demo: Text vs. FLIPP Explainers* See how simplification and meaning arise from patterns.
Case study Example and Report -- Individual Retirement Accounts.
Applications Where Explainers have been used.
User Comments Verbatim quotes from system owners and users.
How Other Formats Compare Flow charts, modern symbolic logic, decision trees.
OR: Source of Logical Complexity Branching connections create logical complexity.
How to Design Explainers Tips.
Patterns Often Used in Explainers Examples: Some molecules, some Explainers.
Definitions What does 'logical' mean?
Reference - Internet Internet Sites
Reference - Books Books
New Notes   New 3/28/2006
Sages Say   Yogi Berra and others.
Philosophy   No explanation without understanding.
  Notify colleagues, associates..

*FLIPP Explainers is the name of the new method. FLIPP is the acronym for
Format for Logical Information Planning and Presentation.

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